There is nothing more that a human wants than to be a creative force in the universe

All of this time spent here, the past many years (say 4 or 5 at least), all I have wanted to be is a creative force. Currently, I consider myself more of a consumer of culture than a producer of culture. The most hilarious (ironic) thing though is that my life-goal, my human endeavor, ultimate ambition is to really be in a position that is basically the most influential/the largest output of culture creation possible. Let me rephrase. The culture generator or sorts. My position will be in that of education, which, by design, is a culture creator of sorts. It is no wonder that when my focus is inward, all I feel is this energy swelling up inside of me, literally at times, it feels, bursting at the seems…

What do I do with this energy? All I can do right now is write. Write and write with vigor. Let the words I spill onto the page spill from the bursting seems, as if to let some of that air out.

To be the culture creator that I know that I am… (End “stream of consciousness”)


9,000 years of anarchy in Ireland?

Great read.

On the Mark

I posted once before on Ireland and their anarchy that lasted for more than a thousand years:

This most remarkable historical example of a society of libertarian law and courts first came to my attention while reading Murray Rothbard’s For a New Liberty. This was a society where not only the courts and the law were largely libertarian, but they were basically anarcho-capitalist in the modern sense of the phrase. This Celtic society was not some primitive society or tribe but rather it was a highly complex society. Ireland for centuries was the most advanced, most scholarly, and most civilized society in all of Western Europe. And all without a government!

Murray Rothbard documented the Irish Anarchy in his book “For a New Liberty: The Libertarian Manifesto were he wrote in part:

The most remarkable historical example of a society of libertarian law and courts, however, has been…

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